We're making truffles today! Rosemary Walnut with smoked salt, and Hazelnut Frangelico or Frangelico Nuisse. Over the past few years while I have been growing this chocolate making business, I have always had a small local clientel that has essentially been the "test market" for the quality of our products. In the course of developing a line of chocolate that is commercially appealing at the "mass market meets artisan chocolate" level, I have done a lot of experimenting with flavor combinations and have developed recipes for many wonderful treats and trund travel well in bulk, nor have the shelf-life of a bar or solid bonbon.

We DO have the capacity to ship anywhere in the world, and with additional security and brevity to keep our products fresh until they arrive at your doorstep. We can package and ship express, in a cold insulated package, overnight (reality 3 days from point to point, a albiet with considerable increase in shipping costs, but it is completely do-able. And we LOVE to do it! We LOVE to make special orders that allow us creativity and panache.

After all, it is a hand-made gift, and for certain occasions, may be the PERFECT GIFT! A box of hand-made truffles, in exotic flavors, with Costa Rica's amazing fresh flavors, decadency of fine liquors flavoring smooth dark chocolate. We are even developing a line of health enhancing flavors using natural herbs and superfoods to add to your healthy eating regimen.

So soon I will be listing the flavors that we can make available for custom orders for hand made truffles. There are many!

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