My First Love

My first memory of Chocolate was actually White Chocolate at a trade show at the DC Armory when I was about 4. It could have been the Flower Show or something like it. It was a White Chocolate Pop on a stick...I don't remember what shape it was...could have been a flower, a bunny, or a heart...that detail escapes me. It was my first memory of "love" of a wonderful feeling directly related to food and to chocolate in particular. I savoured it and treasured it, all the way home in the car.

My second memory of chocolate is of licking the blobs of chocolate frosting off the donut trays before they got washed at my Uncle Ed's bakery, The Electric Maid. I liked jelly donuts much more than the other flavours, but the I love the part of the chocolate donuts that didn't make it to the display case in front...the drip in the middle where the hole filled up with chocolate when the chocolate icing was poured over the trays of donuts.

They would be stacked on a rack in the decorating room where I hung out with Daisy, the cake decorator. Daisy was a large black woman of indeterminate age, who always talked to me and taught me how to ice and decorate cakes and to make sugar flowers with icing when I went to the bakery with my aunt or waited there for my parents. Later, my brother worked there washing dishes, so we often stopped in to pick him up or drop him off to work. If the donut trays were there, I would run my finger over them and collect globs of chocolate icing and lick my fingers clean.

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