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Our BonBons are BIG, averaging about 24g each.  We think they're also the perfect size to share. We use only natural , organic ingredients in our flavors.  Locally sourced organic and certified organic whenever possible. The chocolates come individually wrapped in bright  foil wraps. 

Signature Flavors

  • Ginger Citrus* 

  • Mint Magic*  

  • Mountain Mocha* 

  • Chai Spices

  • Lemongrass*

  • Plain & Simple 70%*

  • Custom Flavors available

  • Filled BonBons and Truffles made to order




Signature Bars

Logo Bars

Choose from available ingredients for custom orders: 75g Signature Bars, 

 presented in a stylish reusable tobacco pouch.

  • Plain & Simple 70%*

  • Mountain Mocha*

  • Lemongrass*

  • Mumbai Chai*

  • Orange*

  • Mint*

  • Pistachio w/ Himalayan Pink Salt*

  • Xtra Dark Xtra Chile*


Choose from eight delicious vegan flavors in a 50g square beautifully embossed with the Samaritan Xocolata logo.  

Available in:

  • Plain & Simple 70%*

  • Mountain Mocha*

  • Lemongrass*

  • Mumbai Chai*  

  • Mint*

  • Orange*

  • Pistachio / Himalayan Pink Salt*

  • Xtra Dark  Xtra Chile 80%*

Custom flavours available upon request.

We like to keep it fresh, so watch for new flavours based on seasonal abundance from the garden and the farmer's market.

And More...

Ceremonial Hot Chocolate

Our very special Ceremonial Grade Hot Chocolate is made with Oxacan Flor de Cacao (Quararibea Funebris), an integral ingredient in the traditional Mayan ceremonial cacao drink.  Ours also includes ginseng, blue corn or pinillo, a variety of spices, and is sweetened with coconut nectar sweetener.  We confect the ceremonial cacao drink on auspicious days, such as a full moon, or holiday.  All you have to do is add hot water and a blessing.  It is made with the finest flavor, organic cacao from the Osa Peninsula, in the Southernmost zone of Costa Rica.  

Cacao Tea

 Loose pack Choco-Chai cacao tea, made from premium roasted cacao beans and organic chai spices.  You can brew it like tea, or mix it in your coffee for "dirty chai".  

Just Hearts and Minis

Perfect for gifts, pillow chocolates and garnishes, and at-the-counter sales.  

Solid dark chocolate bite size hearts (also available in other shapes, please inquire.)

  • Plain, Mint, or Orange

  • 100 gr 

  • 250 gr 

  • 500 gr 

  • 1 kilo 

Our Products are Made to Order for YOU!

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